Jan 012017

Dear Friends,

God has answered your prayers. Many evangelists, like Will Graham have been called to Australia’s Outback to keep the revival in over 25 Aboriginal communities going and growing. There is a real hunger for Christ and His word. An unprecedented 1,000+ have recently responded to God’s saving grace!!

You now have with the opportunity to send essential Bibles and “Jesus for Children” DVD’s (www.jesusfilm.org) at just the right time through A.C.T.S. most effective Volunteer Evangelists at only $5.00 each.

We have just given fresh supplies of “Jesus for Children” DVD’s and discipling materials to A.C.T.S. most active Outback Evangelists. We are encouraging them to give them all away by year end with fresh stocks coming soon!!

You can still give your Jesus to the lost, most neglected and sacred children. Please, please provide an A.C.T.S. Volunteer Evangelist ministering in the Outback with:

1: Bibles and “Jesus for Children” DVD’s @$5.00 each.

2: $39 for a Christian DVD and Bible pack (one time or monthly)

3: $100 for gas/petrol necessary to go to the next outreach opportunities

4: $375 for a one way airline ticket to the next outreach opportunities

5: $1,100 to refurbish a 4 wheel drive vehicle after an outreach tour on brutal Outback roads.

Donate on www.acts1family.org by using your Pay Pal, Master Card, or Visa account.

Mail donations payable to A.C.T.S., Inc. to:

A.C.T.S., Unit 3, 4 Mugga Way, Tweed Heads, 2485, N.S.W., Australia

A.C.T.S., 32 Hillcrest Rd, Reading, MA 01867, USA

We pray for your family’s togetherness and God’s goodness and mercy to follow them throughout 2017!!

“Love Like Christ!”,

Rev. Fred (John 13:34) and Carol Schaeffer

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