We have continents to conquer for Christ. The opportunity for a Christ-like Australia by encouraging the multiplication of Christian children, families, leaders, groups, enterprises, churches and communities must be pursued by A.C.T.S. The lost continent’s 22 million people need the Savior. Australia’s Aboriginal people are the most neglected and separated people in history, especially the outback children. Australia and its Asian region must be saved…One Family at a time.

A.C.T.S. is at the cutting edge of a Christ-like Australia. We are fulfilling the opportunity to develop and resource a network of Action Prayer Families dedicated to reproducing Christians along Australia’s coastal perimeter and through the most accessible Aboriginal communities to the center in Alice Springs N.T. In the next 8 years, A.C.T.S. envisions the transformation of Australia into a Christian nation through reproducing Volunteer Evangelists supported by their cross-cultural and denominational partners from A.C.T.S. network in Africa, Australia, China, Europe, North America, South Korea and the South Sea Islands. A Christ-like Australia is essential to capture Asia for Jesus. Every minute 1,000 Asians die to a lost eternity.

A.C.T.S. 2012-30 Outreach Plan focuses on prayerfully reproducing A.C.T.S. Action Prayer Warriors, Evangelists, Coordinators, Families and One Family Gatherings supported by unified local churches in 25,000 Aboriginal communities across Australia/Asia. A.C.T.S. 14,800 current Prayer in Action Warriors linked to compassionate Christians and organizations on five continents will be encouraged to unify their families and communities. Jesus’ mighty love for the lost compels us to continually call others to believe, pray, think and act with us to build Christ’s body.

A.C.T.S. goal of a reproducing, Christ-like Australia aided by a unified prayer evangelism network supported by the world body of Christ to conquer Asia for Christ requires us to significantly expand A.C.T.S. field organization, outreach, worldwide Action Prayer Network and budget in each of the next 18 years. (See Exhibit I for an explanation of A.C.T.S.)



To encourage Australians/Asians to capture their nation and region for Christ.


To love God totally.


1. An interactive wall of living stones, held together by and resting on Jesus Christ, spanning the continents of Australia, Asia and North America for the glory of God. Each living stone is becoming increasingly obedient and part of an inter-continental organization for a Christlike world.
2. The Tweed Valley, beginning with the coastline running 200 miles south of Brisbane, QLD is aflame in Jesus Christ. A Holy Spirit fire accompanied by the formation of an intercontinental wall of prayer and compassionate, evangelistic action overflows out of the valley to light thousands of torches across Australia which are carried throughout Asia.


The majority of Australians/Asians will be unified Christians sharing their faith like Jesus for a Christlike world.

2014-30 STRATEGY

To equip A.C.T.S. Reproducing United Action Prayer Society to capture their families, communities, nations, and regions for Christ.


A.C.T.S. will create a multicultural, interdenominational network of 25,000 A.C.T.S. Action Prayer Families unified with Churches, prayer/youth groups, schools, enterprises and leaders spreading along the perimeters of Australia/Asia and merging to establish Christlike reproducing centers in Alice Springs/Uluru, N.T. and Middle Asia.