About the Schaeffers


Founded by Fred and Carol Schaeffer with a Board of Advisors, A.C.T.S. builds upon their initial efforts to help Christian Aboriginal leaders develop business, church, and denominational enterprises in the early 1990’s. The Schaeffer’s have taken their experiences in developing Christian organizations and secular businesses, and applied them to the building of faith-based enterprises, interdenominational, multi racial Action Prayer Families amongst the Christian Aboriginal people of Australia. Prior to founding A.C.T.S. in 1991 and moving to Australia in 1996, Fred and Carol founded the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ first private business incubator, co-founded Salomon/North America, and helped create American distribution companies for European sporting goods manufacturers such as Nordica, Puma and Fischer.

Throughout the years, Fred and Carol amplified postgraduate education (MBA with distinction at the Kellogg School, Northwestern University and Tufts University, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) with studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where they also served on the President’s board from 1983 till 1996. The Schaeffers have also served on a regional board of Gideons International and have been trained by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, and OMS International. Fred and Carol continued their education at the Nazarene Theological College. Fred became an ordained elder of the Church of the Nazarene in 2000 and served as a pastor of multi cultural churches in Enmore and Tweed Heads, N.S.W. In the past 15 years, well over 200 Christian Australian leaders have been assisted by A.C.T.S. to build a variety of fruitful enterprises and ministries. Since 2007, A.C.T.S. has used Fred and Carol’s combined experience to direct the power of massive united prayer and personal evangelism to build a rapidly reproducing network amongst 700+ Australian communities. A.C.T.S. most fruitful outreach is focused on multi cultural children in Aboriginal communities along the populous East Coast and adjoining outback. A.C.T.S. has visited China, India, Malaysia, and Thailand to reproduce A.C.T.S. Action Prayer Families in Asia beginning with a “Jesus for Children” Outreach Tour in China in February 2013.

Future – The fruitfulness of each new Christian family, business, church and A.C.T.S. One Family is a testimony to the faithfulness of a growing number of God’s people across the world praying for and or contributing to the 180+ families composing A.C.T.S. all volunteer staff. A.C.T.S. One Family is fully committed to encouraging a Christlike Australia by 2020 as a resource for a taking Asia for Jesus by 2030.