Aug 132017

Dear Action Prayer Partners,

A.C.T.S. Volunteer Evangelists and Partners across Australia are prayerfully keeping Australia’s revival going and growing, for a Christlike Australia, A.C.T.S. is flooding the Outback with scriptural materials at a time when the Outback Aboriginal people are hungry/starving for Jesus and His word.

A: Adoration:

“Through Him (Jesus) then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of PRAISE TO GOD that is, the fruit of life that acknowledges His name.” Hebrews 13:15

Please join our praising our Powerful God for:

A.C.T.S. 13 day Outreach of Alice Springs, its camps (i.e. Old Timers) and bush communities (i.e. Hermannsburg and Haasts Bluff). The Aboriginal people are starving for Jesus and His word. Well over 70 including 39 students responded to God’s saving grace. Stocks of Scriptures and DVD’s were completely depleted. Violence was replaced by reconciliation. Church attendance and unity are universally up for 12 months. Terry Medling, A.C.T.S. Volunteer Evangelists for Central Australia, reports God’s thick intense and overwhelming presence.

Will Graham & Fred

Carl Musch, A.C.T.S. Volunteer Regional Coordinator, reports that Aboriginal leaders from Beswick, N.T. brought the Manallaluk Church together for effective revival meetings.

Terry Medling, A.C.T.S. Volunteer Evangelist, left hospital after a week of treating stomach lining issues and is fully recovered.

Those who have come out of depression, suicidal thoughts, and or diabetes/kidney issues (i.e. Christina, Annette, Miriam, Peter and Kevin).

God’s blessing by the BGEA with a School of Evangelism Seminar in Brisbane which Fred and Sammy Leone, Will Graham spoke and shared the fruitful principles of, his father’s and his 98.5 year old grandfather Billy Graham’s life of ministry.

C. Confession:

“…..I have learned to be content, I have learned the secret of living…” Phil 4:1, 12, ) (NIV)

Please join our confession:

Father God,

Please forgive me for my dissatisfaction with your gracious provision…and the heaps of sins caused by my discontent. In Christ’s name. Amen.

T. Thanksgiving:

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard and what no human mind has conceived”—the things God has prepared for those who love him.” I Corinthians 2:9 (NIV)

“Please join our appreciation for:

Continuous “Jesus for Children” outreaches and personal evangelism/street witnessing being coordinated in Dubbo, Narromine, N.S.W by A.C.T.S. Volunteer Evangelist, Cliff Burns, and his wife, Connie.

Cliff & Connie Burns

A.C.T.S. Action Prayer Blitz to bring massive united action prayer support to A.C.T.S. Outback Volunteer Evangelists Outreach and discipling efforts was launched by providing 137 Volunteer Evangelists with an initial supply of Scriptural resources and DVD’s.

Healing Dawn Clay’s body from the effects of a stroke. Dawn is now working 20 hours per week in an aged care facility sharing God’s love and helping women reunited with lost children.

Dawn & a friend

Dawn Clay & friend

Continued revival in over 25+ communities in Australia’s Outback for up to 10 years.

A.C.T.S. matching grant from the Australian Bible Society has been authorized, which enables A.C.T.S. to more than double the resources we can provide to A.C.T.S. Volunteer Evangelists and their outreach in 2017.

New church plant in Boulia, Queensland with a weekly Bible study encouraged by Bible Study resources provided by A.C.T.S.

S. Supplication:
“We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, that you may declare our praises and cries for help” I Peter 2:9

Please join our pleas that:

Every Australian child will fulfil God’s brighter future for them.

Australia and its Church will fulfil their long neglected duty of care for their sacred children. Aboriginal kids are the most neglected people on the face of the earth.

Australia’s, world’s highest teen suicide, pregnancy and incarceration rate with its evidences of little family support, complicated relationships, drugs and a resistance to the Gospel will greatly diminish.

God will provide joyful Volunteer Evangelists, administrators and donors for A.C.T.S. and our partners (i.e. JongIl Kim, SunZoo Kim,Carl & Gail Musch) for a Christlike Australia.

God will bless Josephine and Leon Corporal and Carol and Stewart Major with Bibles, volunteers, finances and the planning needed for a most fruitful July Outreach respectively in Bagot, and Woorimbinda, QLD.

Every Christian woman will have a Godly husband and father for their children, (i.e.Jennifer D and Joanne). The same request for Christian men (i.e. Jesse and Caleb) to have Christian wives and mothers of their children.

Aboriginal Artist, Grantly Paulson’s family including 9 Christian children will receive love and support to fulfil His will. Grantly recently died at age 48.

Carol Major, her family (i.e. John and Nikita) will be free from worry, evil and depression and filled with God’s peace.

Jordan Habel, who has serious eye problems, headaches will be completely healed.

Julie Vincent with be protected from evil in Miramar as she witnesses while battling loss of her eyes focusing.

Tanya will be building more strength after reading God’s word, and listening to Christian music.

“While this age of the Holy Spirit lasts, empower all by your Spirit to speak of you that they may be saved.” (Acts 2:21 NIV)

Gail & Carl Munsch

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